Our Advantage

We Empower Our Portfolio Companies

Agile, decisive, engaged, flexible, responsive… these are some of the words that CEH entrepreneurs use to describe us. Our seasoned experts understand deeply what agency leaders need to leap to their next summit. We built our company to actively partner with and empower our portfolio businesses over the long term, wherever they may be headed. CEH brings rock‑solid strength for great business results. Importantly: ours is a people business — people are at the heart of all our success.

What We Look For

We invest in specialist agencies which have:

  • Proven management teams.
  • Strong, diversified broker and client base.
  • Unique selling propositions.

Your Business, Accelerated

  • Remove bottlenecks that prevent growth such as capacity management, general and administrative issues, and IT infrastructure.
  • Deliver cost savings through greater economies of scale and the enhanced purchase power of the broader group.
  • Create continuity and sustainability by taking greater control of the supply chain - enabling ultimate flexibility to meet customer and broker needs.

Contact Us

Questions about what we do? Want to collaborate? Say hello. We want to hear your ideas.